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Designing IT Success: How Hygge Studio's partnership with Blackbird IT led to improved IT solutions

You’re sitting on a soft velvet ottoman drinking hot spiced wine while Moroccan lanterns hang overhead oozing moody lighting… that’s ‘Hygge’.

‘Hygge’ is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes the mood and feeling of inner warmth, cosiness and comfort which can be prompted by aesthetically pleasing environments.

This is where we introduce you to Hygge Studio, Adelaide’s bespoke creative studio.


Hygge Studio is an all-encompassing event management and styling business located in Adelaide that offers a full range of services from floristry to creative styling, and event management.

The team at Hygge Studio specialise in executing bespoke weddings, special events and corporate functions with the purpose of creating unforgettable memories and undoubtedly ‘wow’ moments for their clients.


Last year, Hygge Studio was seeking a new IT provider to deliver high-quality service in order to support their ever-evolving creative business. Whilst in this discovery stage, Blackbird IT came recommended to the team at Hygge Studio with positive appraisals within their local circle of networks.

Directors, Lucy Temme and Rachel Evans reached out to Blackbird IT among other providers at the time. Christopher Manser – Blackbird IT’s Business Development Manager engaged with Lucy and Rachel and the team at Hygge Studio to understand their needs and IT requirements. From that day on, Blackbird IT and Hygge Studio have cemented a fruitful relationship!


As a modern and contemporary business model, Hygge Studio utilises a number of digital platforms to facilitate their day-to-day operations.

“We manage our whole business through digital platforms and various apps such as Monday.com for project management and Deputy for rostering”, says Rachel. “High speed and reliable internet is absolutely crucial for the running of our business”.

In addition, it is important for Hygge Studio to have functional printing facilities for external client collaterals such as when they host client meetings to sell styling services.

As Hygge Studio is predominantly a visual-based business, it is extremely important for the team to have access to both print and digital presentations to showcase styling proposals for client meetings. This may involve couples coming into the studio to discuss options for their upcoming wedding, which understandably means they expect a positive and personal experience.


Hygge Studio initially approached Blackbird IT with the purpose of finding a reliable IT partner to help deliver results and grow with their business. Directors Lucy and Rachel saw the need to move their office premises to a new location within Adelaide to better accommodate their staff, inventory and working environment.

“We’re not IT experts, we didn’t know what was involved or required from an infrastructure perspective to set up the new office, but we knew it needed to be more reliable than what we previously had,” explains Rachel.

Important to Hygge Studio was a provider that could identify what was required, execute the project and offer a cost-effective way of bringing it all to life.

“We needed something that was going to meet our needs but that was also at a reasonable cost to a small business.”


To ensure a smooth and prompt transition was to happen while avoiding business disruption, a staged plan approach was presented to facilitate the move.

Some of the project tasks included:

  • Identifying what equipment and services were already available on-site
  • Ascertain Internet services available at the new site and arrange timely provisioning of the new link
  • Ensure cabling and Wi-Fi access points were rolled out in the office and provision was made for future points in the warehouse when required
  • Establish and manage the infrastructure and company devices for all departments
  • Provide ongoing help desk support services

Lucy says the biggest measurable outcome of this challenge was the reliability of the Internet.

“We used to have so much downtime, with team members complaining of outages. Now I haven’t heard it be a problem once. Everyone comes in, the computers are working, the internet is on – that’s just been a dream”.



When initially reaching out, Hygge Studio valued the fact that Blackbird IT is local and close by.

“It doesn’t feel like you’re dealing with a faceless business which is really important to us as a fellow South Australian business”.


Lucy also mentions that Blackbird IT stood out in the initial stages of seeking a new provider due to the commitment of service received.

“I love that Chris listened and really understood what we wanted as well as taking the time to come out and visit our premises. When approaching other companies, all I got back was an emailed quote which didn’t meet the requirements of what I asked for. The personalised service that you’ve provided has been really refreshing and I feel like a little bit old school service has been great.”


This relationship is built on a foundation of delivering outcomes, in this case, it was to address and solve the challenges that Hygge Studio faced prior to their office relocation.

“I appreciate the follow through on all promises in what you’ve been able to deliver since that initial conversation.”

This working relationship means that it is easy for the Hygge Studio team to communicate with all departments within Blackbird IT, including the support desk when issues arise such as documents not opening and licence/registration queries.

“Every time we’ve needed to call the support desk, the staff have been fantastic. They jump straight on it and resolve the issue which is something I found frustrating in the past. We’re such a fast-moving business – we don’t have time to wait around for solutions, we need solutions then and there so we can keep carrying on.”


The team have expressed interest in receiving some guidance to their ongoing IT strategy. This could be to identify future improvements to enhance their IT experience at a higher strategic level.

“When we had our conversations initially, it seemed that Blackbird IT can provide a whole range of services that we need regarding our IT. It’s not just facilitating our internet connection or being a service guest, it’s the complete understanding of our business, how we operate, what we need, and helping us to eventually become more efficient in the way we use technology.”

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