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Case Studies

Australian Carpet & Tile.

Australian Carpet & Tile

Having suffered an unexpected server failure, the Australian Carpet and Tile Company needed to get back up and running as soon as possible. Trav Bird quickly contacted Blackbird for assistance and we were immediately available to assess the state of the system and determine how to proceed.

Brighton Primary School.

Brighton Primary School

After hearing of the successful collaboration at Unley Primary, Brighton Primary School approached Blackbird IT to determine why, despite there being a new high speed fibre connection, their Internet speed still seemed to be slow. Blackbird IT identified a number of issues needing addressing including a number required to ensure that the school conformed to DECD standards. Following successful rectification of the issues, Blackbird IT went on to take over the day-to-day management of the IT facilities at the school including providing training to staff and successfully installing Mobile Device Management to assist in managing school iPads.

Collison & Co.

Collison & Co

Donald Angus and Howard Schulze have always been strong advocates for Apple computers. So much so that it has often been challenging running a large, all-Mac network in a PC-dominated industry. Their fine example proves that Macs aren’t just for designers and creative professionals!



John Walker, ComAp Group IT Manager, contacted Blackbird seeking help with the connectivity between interstate locations. Blackbird designed a solution utilising a central Sophos UTM in conjunction with Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices (RED).

After being very happy with the initial engagement, John came back for assistance with the deployment of a new VoIP solution.

Goolwa Primary School.

Goolwa Primary School

With a newly purchased server but no project plan to install it, Goolwa Primary School engaged with Blackbird IT to manage their Server Upgrade and Windows 10 Deployment project as well as providing ongoing on-site support.

Grope Hamilton Lawyers.

Grope Hamilton Lawyers

Unsolicited email or 'spam' is a modern-day scourge. For a business that communicates every day via email, spam can severely affect staff productivity. Find out how Blackbird assisted Grope Hamilton Lawyers to overcome this problem and increase the speed and reliability of its network.

Guidera O’Connor.

Guidera O’Connor

Guidera O’Connor was frustrated with the number of IT problems that it was experiencing along with the speed of its systems, so it decided to look for a new IT provider. Taking the advice of an associated company, Tony Guidera contacted Blackbird to investigate the cause of the issues.

Martins Brand House.

Martins Brand House

Martins Brand House provides a diverse range of creative services that bring the need for multiple IT systems to be implemented and maintained. Martins runs a number of Mac and Windows servers and workstations, making it crucial to partner with an IT company that understands the intricacies of both platforms.

Mash Graphic Design.

Mash Graphic Design

The guys at Mash had the right idea when they purchased their Mac server but unfortunately they didn’t know where to start to configure it.

McClusky & Co.

McClusky & Co

McClusky & Co is a multi award winning public relations and communication agency with offices in South Australia and Victoria. Leigh McClusky approached Blackbird to ensure the IT infrastructure kept pace with the company's fast growth. Blackbird completed an audit to determine the state of environment and identify any areas for improvement.

Naracoorte Primary School.

Naracoorte Primary School

Naracoorte Primary School were faced with a network that had grown in size, a lack of technical support and a lack of accountability for all of their ICT systems. In order to regain control over their environment, the school engaged with Blackbird IT to perform an onsite technology and infrastructure audit, setup a Virtual Private Network in accordance with DECD guidelines, reconfigured their systems to decrease issues as well as provide ongoing ICT support to the school.

Norton Summit Primary School.

Norton Summit Primary School

Requiring assistance but not knowing where to start, Norton Summit Primary School engaged with Blackbird IT to help regain control over the schools IT systems. Following an audit, we were able to systematically replace ineffective infrastructure and perform upgrades to the school's Wireless network allowing for a more productive teaching and learning environment. Blackbird IT continue to support the school by providing a placement engineer to maintain their IT systems and support staff and students in IT teaching and learning.

Scotch College.

Scotch College

Scotch College runs South Australia's oldest ongoing 1:1 laptop program and David Jones, the IT Manager, knows all too well the challenges of maintaining such a large fleet of devices. In order to keep systems running smoothly and up to date, David wanted to partner with a provider that could effectively manage the requirements of the yearly influx of new students and respond quickly and efficiently to any issues. David chose Blackbird.

St Andrew’s School.

St Andrew’s School

When Apple decided to stop producing the Xserve range there were a number of IT administrators who were concerned about what the upgrade path would be once their rack of Xserves approached end of life. Martin Stacey was in this position and he requested the assistance of Blackbird to plan the next step.

St Andrew’s School.

St Andrew’s School

With a desire to integrate 1:1 mobile devices within classrooms, but unsure of the best options to manage the purchase and implementation, concerns around obsolete technology and the need for quicker network access for file sharing and applications, St Andrew's School entrusted Blackbird IT to provide a solution for their issues and are now enjoying increased performance across their network from updated servers and storage. Blackbird IT and St Andrew's School continue to work closely together to ensure the best technology outcomes are achieved.

Toolbox Graphic Design.

Toolbox Graphic Design

Toolbox contacted Blackbird when it was ready to take the next step with its IT. Tired of the problematic backup system and inefficient file-sharing method, the designers felt it was time to review how they were working with an aim to increase their productivity.

Unley Primary School.

Unley Primary School

With the departure of their on-site IT School Support Officer, Unley Primary School was in need of assistance to rectify slow network speeds, long login times and a vast array of technical issues requiring specialist help. With the support of Blackbird IT, Unley Primary School finds that they are more proactive with their ICT needs, now that they have set the best technology infrastructure in place for their learning environment.