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Australian Carpet & Tile


Having suffered an unexpected server failure, the Australian Carpet and Tile Company needed to get back up and running as soon as possible. Trav Bird quickly contacted Blackbird for assistance and we were immediately available to assess the state of the system and determine how to proceed.

The Issue

Blackbird rushed on-site to inspect the server and determined that the hardware had failed. The Australian Carpet and Tile Company did have a backup of its data. Before we could restore it, however, the server needed to be fixed and no replacement parts were readily available as it was about five years old. Additionally, the backup could not be easily restored to another machine.

The Solution

The server was brought back to our office, where we were able to extract the information from the hard disks. By using specialised software and stand-by equipment, Blackbird transferred this information to a loan server, enabling the Australian Carpet & Tile Company to continue work after just a few hours, rather than waiting several days to fix its own failed server first.

By promptly installing a temporary solution, we also eliminated the need to make rush decisions. This gave us time to identify the needs of the business properly and provide a proposal to replace the failed server. The loan server continued to run whilst the new server was ordered. When it did arrive, it was installed alongside the existing server and the majority of the migration was performed out-of-hours to minimise interruption to staff.
Acronis backup software was installed which provided the Australian Carpet & Tile Company with more resilient and efficient backups and now provides a mechanism for disaster recovery.

If you have concerns about what would happen if your server failed or you would like to discuss a disaster recovery strategy, please call Blackbird on (08) 7324 7777.

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